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Empowering the web for innovation.

Tetrix is an interconnected ecosystem that aims to bridge the gap by accommodating users with any expertise - from early to web2 companies exploring web3.

Tetrix in a Nutshell

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Commercial Scalability

Tetrix is designed to power global systems. Tetrix Blockchain continues to scale as more chains and use-cases are added to the network.

Energy Efficient

As the demand increases, Tetrix's energy use is the same. Our unique design and architecture can scale TPS as the network grows.


Exceptional Team

Our team's experience with traditional busineseses, operations, and finance gives us a different perspective on how blockchains are supposed to be designed.


Your environment, your tools, your network

Tetrix adapts, so you don't need to

Whether you're a small or large company, a government department, or just an online seller; Tetrix helps take your operations and security to the next level of web3 technology - with you having full control.


Tetrix's unique features and flexibility support every use case. Liquity pools support special incentives and cash flow across exchanges. NFTs are tradeable without being locked behind a single marketplace.


Tetrix builders leverage what no other blockchain has: trustless, decentralized, cross-chain transfers, but still being able to maintain secure and fast transactions. Soon, transactions will be executed seamlessly across Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Solana, among others, powered by Tetrix.



Tetrix DAO works on three levels: (1) code level, (2) account management level, (3) strategic community initiatives. The upcoming Tetrix DAO will take this to the next level by empowering the community to fund new developer initiatives.


Real World Application

Tetrix has reimagined blockchain technology from the ground up, combining a revolutionary chain architecture with the tools and services needed for widespread adoption.


Get Pitaka Now!

Pitaka is Tetrix's first major DApp and is currently only available as browser extensions but we're releasing the mobile versions very soon!